Journal papers

  • Tomomichi Sugihara, Solvability-Unconcerned Inverse Kinematics by the Levenberg-Marquardt Method, IEEE Transaction on Robotics, Vol.27, Issue.5, pp.984-991, 2011. [PDF,1.5MB]
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  • Tomomichi Sugihara, Solvability-unconcerned Inverse Kinematics by Levenberg-Marquardt Method (in Japanese), Journal of Robotics Society of Japan, Vol.29, No.3, pp.269-277, 2011. 27th Best Paper Award of Robotics Society of Japan [PDF,1.8MB]
  • Reviewed international conference proceedings

    Reviewed domestic conference proceedings

  • Ken Masuya, Tomomichi Sugihara, Motoji Yamamoto, A Comparative Discussion of Accuracy of Complementary Filter and Kalman Filter for the Attitude Estimation, 17th Robotics Symposia, Hagi Honjin, 2A3, pp.116-121, 2012. 3.14. [PDF,494KB]
  • Oral presentations

  • Ken Masuya, Tomomichi Sugihara, Motoji Yamamoto, High-fidelity 3D Attitude Estimation based on Complementary Use of Inertial Sensors and Magnetometer with Dynamics Compensation, 29th Annual Conference of Robotics Society of Japan, Shibaura Institute of Technology, 2L1-6, 2011. 9. 8. [PDF,362KB]
  • Tomomichi Sugihara, Dynamics Morphing Toward Arbitrary Longitudinal Velocity Control for Biped Robots, 29th Annual Conference of Robotics Society of Japan, Shibaura Institute of Technology, 1J1-1, 2011. 9. 7. [PDF,455KB]
  • Patents

  • T. Sugihara and K. Masuya, Attitude estimation mechanism, Japanese Patent Applied 2011-061146.
  • Off-campus events and seminars

  • 2011.9.16. Tomomichi Sugihara, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, School of Engineering, title:Dynamics morphing toward robust and autonomous biped control
  • Reportages


  • Tomomichi Sugihara, Synthetic study of motor control based on a representation of the human as a mechanical system, Special issue: Analysis of humans and its applications to robotics, Ridai Science Forum, Tokyo University of Science, Vol.330, pp.7-11, 2011.12.
  • Tomomichi Sugihara, Doraemon which I, as a robotics researcher, cannot tell any stories (a script of my converse by a writer), Doraemon in The complete works of Fujiko. F. Fujio, Shogakukan, Vol.16, 2011.11.
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